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This post is dedicated to a book from Abraham B. Yehoshua and entitled : La scena perduta.
J-L Trintignant & Jane Birkin - Le Mouton enragé

Imprisoned by Dériadès, Tectaphos, Indian prince, was locked in a dungeon and condemned to starve to death. Her daughter, who had just become a mother, asked the guards to let her enter the jail to make a last consolation. They let her go, and there, she gave his father the milk from her breast. Deriades, when he learnt the daughter's piety, decided to release his enemy.

Picture of young girl who breastfeeds her father

The story of Pero and Cimon is Roman and is found in a book of stories about ancient life written about 30 AD. In the tale, Cimon is sentenced to death by starvation, but his daughter Pero visits him in jail and secretly breastfeeds him to save his life. She is caught by the jailers, but her act impresses jailers and they release Cimon.

Breastfeeding a man in a train

On a train, a bucolic peasant wet nurse feels discomfort because she has no child with her to suckle. To relieve her distress, she asks a young stranger, also traveling in te carriage, to suckle her milk.

Roman Charity by Ellen Wetmore

While Cimon and Pero is well covered in art history, never do we see evidence of Pliny the Elder's version of the story in which a woman feeds her own mother. This story of salvation is one Ellen Wetmore has elected to tell.

The "image" of Rose of Sharon nursing a starving stranger in a barn is very similar to the one of Roman Charity.

Herebelow is a gallery of paintings that no museum in the world could ever gather.Many paintings and just one thema over the centuries : "Roman Charity"If you don't know the story, please read 

Detail of the Israelites gathering manna in the desert (Nicolas Poussin)

Detail of a painting by Nicolas POUSSIN (Les Andelys, 1594 - Rome, 1665) : "The Israelites gathering manna in the desert"See the full painting :

Cheyenne Carron

One day, I was walking in the Louvre museum and I found myself in front of the painting "Roman Charity" by Jean-Baptiste GREUZE.