The daughter who was breastfeeding her father

Picture of young girl who breastfeeds her father

If you ever came to visit the Louvre, you perhaps have been passing by, going to one of the museum wings, this amazing sculpture of a girl nursing a bearded old man. This image is quite disturbing.

This image has been used by painters over many centuries (you can also see multiple paintings here) and a video here.

A quick search allows to see that this icon is the metaphor of Roman Charity and of filial piety.

Along with this image of a girl who gives her breast to an old man, comes the tale of a girl who is nursing her father (it's not her husband).

Here is the transcript:


Paranoid King

Once upon a time, there was a king. This king had an elder brother who was married, and had a daughter beautiful as a day full of hope. The devil inspired the King his brother was trying to kill him to take his kingdom.

As soon as the idea occurred to him, he ordered immediately to his soldiers to throw the poor guy in a dark cell where he would not give him neither bread, nor water, giving him no choice but starving.

Guards seized him and threw him in jail to make sure he could no longer threaten his brother.

Filial Piety

The daughter of the king's brother, seeing that his father had been imprisoned without a reason, immediately suspected evil wills of the monarch.

She eventually learns that the king had resolved to let her father die in prison.

As soon as she learnt this, she ran to the king , and falling to his feet, said : "King, my master, the only thing I ask you is to let me visit my father twice a day in the prison where you put it. "

The king to whom the petition did not cause any damage, gave her what she wanted. He however enjoined his soldiers to check the young girl when she enters the prison, in case she would try to bring bread or other food to her father. He also ordered to make a hole in the cell wall by which the father and daughter could talk.

Prime ploy

The girl, seeing that she had managed to wrest his father's death, went to the bathroom and washed herself; which gave her milk. Then she went with her father in prison.

Through the hole, she gave one of her breasts and told her father to suck and feed himself. She did so every day, and his father did not need any other food.

Seeing that after so long time his brother was alive, the king suspected his niece to use witchcraft to feed her father. He therefore ordered his soldiers not to let the daughter approached her father.

The girl at the news that the King was forbidding her to see her father, felt pain because she saw that here plans were about to fail and her father was to die sooner or later.

She was thoughtful and not knowing what to do. She left the little town and saw a smith who wade through the belly of a mare burst.

"Hello," she said. "What are you doing?"

"Damsel," he said, I look after my poor mare burst, it was almost foal, and here I am now busy pulling his colt's body. After I will remove the skin.Within a few days, I'll buy another mare."

"But, she said, is that the foal has survived?"

"Bah! he said, do you see down there a little horse that runs like a deer? Four years from now, I was drewing equally from the womb of its mother. "

Second trick: the puzzle

The girl, as she was clever, almost fly for joy as
she found immediately a ruse to save her father. She
therefore gives one hundred sequins to the blacksmith, and takes the small horse which had been removed from the belly of the mare.
She also takes the skin of the mother, and gives as a gift to the king's the horse to ride and the skin to be used as a blanket on a bed.
In return, she asked the monarch the permission to go and see her father again.

The king at the sight of the pretty little horse, gave the
permission she was asking for.

One day the king was out, riding the pony, the girl came to him, took the little horse by the bridle, stopped him and told the king:
"You're sitting on a beast that is not born and you sleep on its mother. "

The king, hearing these words, could not understand their meaning, and begged the woman to explain him.
Then she answered: "O my king, I will explain, when you will have given me my child, the child of my mother, and when you've given me, he will become my father, but if you do not give me, he will again be my child "

Being embarrassed again, the king told her that the favor she wants would be provided to her if she explains her words.

Happy End

Then she demanded the release of her father whom the king had locked up in prison for long without a reason and without saying a word. The monarch, who could not fail to
his speech released the father of the girl from jail.

Then, the latter sat down and began to tell the king the
whole story in its smallest details. The king was delighted with his contract and was sorry to have imprisoned his
brother, for he well understood that all reports that
had made were lies and calumnies.

Since then, they remained perfectly well, and we do even better.

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Video of a daughter breastfeeding her father in jail

Video of a daughter breastfeeding her father in jail. (please click on image)

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