When Margot the milkmaid unbuttoned her shirt to give her kitten a little squirt

 Margot the milkmaid
In France, this odd topic of women breastfeeding animals has been used by Georges Brassens, a famous singer, and every French heard, at least once in his life, the song called "Brave Margot".
The song tells the story of a young woman Margot who finds a kitty and decides to protect it by putting it on her breast.
The cat begins to suckle and Margot lets it do... and do it again.
A guy who was passing by saw the scene and told all the men from the village that they could enjoy the view of Margot breastfeeding her cat.
And every day, all the guys from the village went and see Margot who was so pure that she believed the men wanted to see the kitty.
The women of the village, who were apprently less pure, decided to kill the cat. From this day, Margot's husband has been the only guy to enjoy Margot's curves.
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Here is also a translation of the lyrics : © Didier Delahaye, 2002
Sweet Margot
Margot the pretty milkmaid
Having found a little kitten
That was motherless and afraid
Took it in
She undid the top of her blouse
And laid the kitty on her breast
To give its tired little paws
A soft rest
Thinking it'd found a new mother
The cat at her teat had a go
She did not find it a bother
Sweet Margot
A bumpkin who just happened by
Struck by the unusual display
Went to clamour the news on high
And on the next day...
When Margot the milkmaid unbuttoned her shirt
To give her kitten a little squirt
All the guys, all the guys around the county
Came to see kitty see kitty see
Came to see kitty see kitty
And Margot who was as guileless as can be
Failed to see what's clear to you and me
All the guys, all the guys around the county
Came to see titty see titty see
Came to see titty see titty.
The workers at the local mill
Schoolboys, teachers, even the mayor
Everyone hiked over the hill
To see her
The mailman, I regret to say
To see her failed to deliver
Letters that no one anyway
Read over
Altar boys, mercy on their souls
To catch a glimpse of her, alas
Ran out at the risk of their soles
During mass
Even men of law and order
Who're so prone to go up in arms
Found the tableau to be tender
And fell for its charms.
But the womenfolk of the place
Feeling shunned by their manly lot
Started to brood over their case
And to plot
Then one day having had enough
They all grabbed an oven mitten
And cold-bloodedly they choked off
The kitten
The milkmaid after many tears
For solace took up a hubby
Which turned out better, it appears
Than tabby
Time clouded like a heavy veil
The souvenir of the kitten
Only some old folks seem to fail
To have forgotten...

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