Video of a beautiful woman who squirts breast milk in the mouth of a young boy


Probably inspired by the iconography of Saint Bernard, who got Madonna's milk into his mouth(cf related content at the bottom of this article), please see below an extract from the 1994 Spanish/French movie "La Teta y la luna" (The Tit and the Moon) A beautiful woman, Estrellita (Mathilda May), squirts milk from her breast in the mouth of a young boy.


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Read more about the "The Tit and the Moon" movie
For those who would be interested in it, here is another impressive extract from this movie, where Tete is nursed by two women.
Synopsis of The Tit and the Moon(Source : Wikipedia): The film is about a nine-year-old boy's (Biel Durán as Tete) obsession with women's breasts. Tete becomes jealous of his baby brother who is breast fed by their mother. Tete goes on a personal mission to find the perfect pair of lactating breasts to feed on. A beautiful French dancer, Estrellita (Mathilda May), arrives in town, the answer to Tete's prayers. Unfortunately for Tete, Estrellita is the attention of many men's affections including her dance partner/boyfriend Maurice (Gérard Darmon) and attractive Flamenco-singing teenager, Miguel (Miguel Poveda). With this amount of competition will Tete fulfil his wish?

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Estrellita (Mathilda May), squirts milk from her breast in the mouth of a young boy
Estrellita (Mathilda May), squirts milk from her breast in the mouth of a young boy


I am a young college girl & not virgin. Men like to play with girls or women breasts, to massage them, pump them, lick nipples etc and suck and kiss them, but I want to know why they are crazy for our breast milk when they drank the milk of their mothers in their childhood. Is it good to be breastfed by their wifes or girlfriends?

It has a calming effect on the brain of male. Very energetic. Makes a new bond. It is much more natural than another source.

Miss Reeshma , I am a man and really I like sucking women nipples and drinking breastmilk frome her breasts .

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