Image : upside down breastfeeding

upside down breastfeeding

As most of the breastfeeding pictures, this one has generated some controversies on Internet.

Full story and some insights here.

And below a video, which demonstrates that... such things happen...

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This was just lovely. The article that you linked too was spot on. I can see how the photo would have stirred controversy but it's mainly due to how messed up our culture is about our bodies. Loved the video at the bottom too :)

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Andy relieving Nancy’s engorged breast in Weeds

In the episode 9 of the 5th season of "Weeds", Nancy is out to dinner with Andy (her brother-in-law) and becomes painfully engorged. Not being able to relieve the pressure by herself, she hollers for Andy and begs him to “suck ‘n spit.”